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  • 🔥 What is Trending in AI Research?: DEVA + Baichuan 2 + OmnimatteRF + AudioSR + What is Trending in AI Tools? ....

🔥 What is Trending in AI Research?: DEVA + Baichuan 2 + OmnimatteRF + AudioSR + What is Trending in AI Tools? ....

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👉 What is Trending in AI/ML Research? 

This paper introduces a Decoupled Video Segmentation Approach (DEVA) to tackle this challenge. DEVA is composed of task-specific image-level segmentation and a class/task-agnostic bi-directional temporal propagation. This design allows for the use of an image-level model for the target task, which is cheaper to train, alongside a universal temporal propagation model that generalizes across tasks. By using bi-directional propagation, the system fuses segmentation hypotheses from different frames to generate a coherent segmentation. The paper demonstrates that DEVA performs favorably compared to end-to-end approaches in various data-scarce tasks, such as large-vocabulary video panoptic and open-world video segmentation.

How can we address the limitations of existing large language models, which are often closed-source and less capable in languages other than English? This technical report introduces Baichuan 2, a large-scale, multilingual language model with up to 13 billion parameters, trained on a massive dataset of 2.6 trillion tokens. Unlike other models that might be closed-source or English-centric, Baichuan 2 is designed to be multilingual and performs at par or better than comparable open-source models across various benchmarks like MMLU, CMMLU, GSM8K, and HumanEval. Notably, Baichuan 2 also demonstrates expertise in specialized fields such as medicine and law. The team plans to release all pre-training model checkpoints, thereby contributing to the broader research community.

How can video matting methods better represent complicated, real-world scenes, especially when traditional techniques are limited to 2D background layers? This paper proposes OmnimatteRF, an innovative video matting approach that combines dynamic 2D foreground layers with a 3D background model. Unlike existing methods, which primarily focus on 2D background representations, OmnimatteRF leverages the power of 3D modeling to reconstruct complex scenes. The 2D layers are dedicated to capturing detailed information of foreground objects, while the 3D background model handles the intricacies of real-world environments. Through extensive experiments on various videos, the paper demonstrates that OmnimatteRF outperforms existing methods in terms of scene reconstruction quality.

How can we improve the quality of audio signals across a wide range of types and bandwidth settings? This paper introduces AudioSR, a diffusion-based generative model designed for robust audio super-resolution. Unlike previous methods that are limited to specific audio types and bandwidths, AudioSR is versatile and capable of handling sound effects, music, and speech. It can upsample audio signals within a bandwidth range of 2kHz to 16kHz to a high-resolution 24kHz bandwidth signal with a sampling rate of 48kHz. Objective evaluations show that AudioSR outperforms benchmarks, and subjective tests confirm its utility as a plug-and-play module to enhance other audio generative models like AudioLDM, Fastspeech2, and MusicGen.

👉 What is Trending in AI Tools? 

Pixelicious: Pixelicious is an online image-to-pixel art converter. [Image Generator]

Canva: Canva has thousands of logo templates you can customize to make your own. [Design]

SocialBee: SocialBee is an AI-powered social media management tool that allows you to generate captivating captions and images effortlessly [Social Media]

BestBanner: Revolutionizing blog-to-banner creation. [Marketing]

Parsio (OCR + AI chat): Automate your data extraction with an AI-powered document parser. [Productivity]

Sanebox: SaneBox's powerful AI automatically organizes your email for you. [Email]

Rask AI: a one-stop-shop localization tool that allows content creators and companies to translate their videos into 130+ languages quickly and efficiently. [Speech and Translation]

Notably: Discover insights from research data instantly with Notably's AI-powered platform. [Sales and Marketing]

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