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  • ↗️ AI/ML Research Updates: Punica (An AI System to Serve Multiple LoRA Models); JARVIS-1 (Open-World Multi-Task Agents); TransLO (Window-Based Masked Point Transformer Framework); LLaVA-Plus and many more research trends

↗️ AI/ML Research Updates: Punica (An AI System to Serve Multiple LoRA Models); JARVIS-1 (Open-World Multi-Task Agents); TransLO (Window-Based Masked Point Transformer Framework); LLaVA-Plus and many more research trends

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How can multiple Low-rank adaptation (LoRA) models be efficiently served on a shared GPU cluster? "Punica" addresses this issue with an innovative CUDA kernel design enabling the batching of GPU operations for diverse LoRA models. This unique approach allows a single GPU to maintain only one copy of the base pre-trained model while serving multiple LoRA models, greatly improving GPU efficiency in terms of memory and computational resources. Punica's scheduler effectively manages multi-tenant LoRA workloads in a shared GPU environment. In comparative evaluations, Punica showcases a 12-fold increase in throughput for serving multiple LoRA models over existing state-of-the-art LLM serving systems, with a minimal addition of just 2ms latency per token.

How can agents achieve human-like planning and control in an open-world environment with infinite tasks? This paper introduces "JARVIS-1", a sophisticated agent designed for the Minecraft universe, capable of handling multimodal observations (visual and textual instructions) and executing complex tasks. Built on pre-trained multimodal language models, JARVIS-1 converts inputs into actionable plans, guiding goal-conditioned controllers. A key innovation is its multimodal memory, blending pre-trained knowledge with game experiences for enhanced planning. In tests, JARVIS-1 performed exceptionally in over 200 Minecraft tasks, showing a significant improvement in long-horizon tasks like the diamond pickaxe challenge. Its ability to self-improve through lifelong learning demonstrates potential for greater general intelligence and autonomy.

How can transformer architecture, successful in 2D vision tasks, be adapted for 3D vision, especially with the challenges posed by point clouds? This paper introduces TransLO, a novel approach that processes large-scale point clouds efficiently by projecting them onto a 2D surface and utilizing a local transformer with linear complexity. The key components of TransLO include a Window-based Masked transformer with Self Attention (WMSA) for long-range dependency capture, and a Masked Cross-Frame Attention (MCFA) for frame association and pose estimation. A binary mask is proposed to address the sparsity of point clouds. Notably, TransLO is the first transformer-based LiDAR odometry network. It outperforms existing learning-based methods and even bests LOAM in most evaluations on the KITTI odometry dataset, achieving an average rotation RMSE of 0.500°/100m and a translation RMSE of 0.993%.

How can a multimodal assistant be enhanced to better interact with and fulfill real-world tasks? "LLaVA-Plus" addresses this by expanding the capabilities of large multimodal models. It houses a skill repository containing various pre-trained vision and vision-language models, activating the appropriate tools in response to user inputs. Trained on multimodal instruction-following data, LLaVA-Plus adeptly handles tasks involving visual understanding, generation, external knowledge retrieval, and compositions. Empirical evidence shows that LLaVA-Plus not only surpasses its predecessor, LLaVA, in existing capabilities but also introduces new functionalities. A key innovation is its ability to ground image queries directly, maintaining active engagement throughout human-AI interactions, which significantly enhances tool use and opens up novel scenarios.

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