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🔥Trending AI Research

Alfred-40B-0723 is powered by Falcon RLHF, the Generative AI Copilot, which represents a significant advancement in the field. Leveraging Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback, Alfred has been extensively trained on a mix of public datasets and highly curated data annotated by LightOn’s dedicated team. This meticulous training process ensures that Alfred is not only robust but also capable of understanding and delivering high-quality outputs for complex tasks.

The researchers at Sorbonne University began by developing general-purpose models that can address any problem. They introduce UnIVAL, a method that avoids relying on any single modality. UnIVAL integrates two modalities and all four (text, pictures, video, and audio). UnIVAL is the first model to solve picture, video, and audio language challenges with a unified architecture, vocabulary, input/output format, and training aim without requiring massive amounts of data for training or massive model size. The 0.25 billion parameter model delivers performance on par with prior art tailored to a certain modality. The researchers obtained new SoTA on several jobs with similarly sized models.

To address the limitations of existing Stochastic HMP methods, the University of Barcelona and Computer Vision Center researchers propose BeLFusion. This novel approach introduces a behavioral latent space to generate realistic and diverse human motion sequences. The main objective of BeLFusion is to disentangle behavior from motion, allowing smoother transitions between observed and predicted poses. This is achieved through a Behavioral VAE consisting of a Behavior Encoder, Behavior Coupler, Context Encoder, and Auxiliary Decoder.

Google Deepmind’s research aims to improve generalization and enable emergent semantic reasoning by directly incorporating vision-language models trained on Internet-scale data into end-to-end robotic control. With the help of web-based language and vision-language data, we aim to make a single, comprehensively trained model to learn to link robot observations to actions. They propose fine-tuning state-of-the-art vision-language models together using data from robot trajectories and large-scale visual question-answering exercises conducted over the Internet. In contrast to other methods, they propose a straightforward, all-purpose recipe: express robotic actions as text tokens and incorporate them directly into the model’s training set as natural language tokens would. Researchers study vision-language-action models (VLA), and RT-2 instantiates one such model. Through rigorous testing (6k assessment trials), they could ascertain that RT-2 acquired various emergent skills through Internet-scale training and that the technique led to performant robotic policies.


🛎️ Trending Tools

Motion is a clever tool that uses AI to create daily schedules that account for your meetings, tasks, and projects. Say goodbye to the hassle of planning and hello to a more productive life.

Mindgrasp AI Assistant is a versatile tool that can read, watch, and clarify content. Whether critiquing your work, summarizing videos, or explaining complex topics, the AI is here to help.

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Using artificial intelligence, Otter.AI empowers users with real-time transcriptions of meeting notes that are shareable, searchable, accessible, and secure. Get a meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and generates summaries.

Pecan AI automates predictive analytics to solve today’s business challenges: shrinking budgets, rising costs, and limited data science and AI resources. Pecan’s low-code predictive modeling platform provides AI-driven predictive analytics that guides data-driven decisions and helps business teams achieve their goals.

Papercup.com offers AI dubbing to make video content localization more efficient and affordable. Their synthetic voices sound natural, and their AI system transcribes, translates, and creates human-sounding voice-overs.

Notion aims to increase its user base by utilizing its advanced AI technology. Their latest feature, Notion AI, is a robust generative AI tool that assists users with tasks like note summarization, identifying action items in meetings, and creating and modifying text. Notion AI streamlines workflows by automating tedious tasks, providing suggestions and templates to users, ultimately simplifying and improving the user experience.

Introducing Storybird.ai, the AI-powered platform for creating captivating stories. From children's books to company policies, unleash your creativity with ease.

Mailr is an AI-powered email writing assistant that enables users to draft emails and replies in a single click. With 10+ custom tones, users can quickly instruct Mailr to create emails with their desired style.

Getimg.ai offers a suite of powerful AI tools for image generation and editing.

Prezi offers powerful tools to enhance communication and engagement at home, in the office, or the classroom. With moving and zooming presentations, interactive charts, and infographics, Prezi helps grab attention and keep audiences engaged.

Decoherence's AI Video Generator allows users to bring their ideas to life by describing their video concept with text. The AI brings the creation to life, and users can customize their videos with various styles, from anime intros to photorealistic footage.

Tonkean introduces LegalWorks, a secure solution that brings Generative AI to legal teams. Their AI-powered Business Process Automation enables organizations to build processes that people follow, infusing AI into internal processes seamlessly without coding or change management.

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