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🚀 AI News: Trending AI Research + Trending AI Tools.. (Aug 11, 2023 Edition)

This newsletter brings AI research news that is much more technical than most resources but still digestible and applicable

🔥 Trending AI Research: Let’s learn something new from the trending papers.

🛎️ Trending Tools: Check out some cool AI tools picked up by our editorial team.

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🔥Trending AI Research

1️⃣ Researchers from ByteDance and CMU Introduce AvatarVerse: A Novel AI Pipeline for Generating High-Quality 3D Avatars Controlled by both Text Descriptions and Pose Guidance [Paper] [Blog]

Researchers from ByteDance and CMU suggest AvatarVerse, a unique framework made for producing high-quality and reliable 3D avatars using textual descriptions and position guidances, to address these limitations. They initially train a brand-new ControlNet using 800K or more human DensePose pictures. Then, on top of the ControlNet, SDS loss conditional on the 2D DensePose signal is implemented. They can achieve exact view correspondence between every 2D view and the 3D space and between many 2D views. Their technology does away with the Janus problem that plagues the majority of previous approaches while also enabling pose control of the created avatars. As a result, it guarantees a more reliable and consistent generation procedure for avatars. The produced avatars may also be well aligned with the joints of the SMPL model thanks to the precise and adaptable supervision signals offered by DensePose, making skeletal binding and control easy and efficient. Continue reading……

2️⃣ Stability AI Announces the Release of StableCode: It’s very First LLM Generative AI Product for Coding [Blog]

Stability AI has just introduced a game-changing product named StableCode, marking its debut in AI-powered coding assistance. Designed to aid both experienced programmers and newcomers looking to upskill, StableCode brings together practical utility and learning support in a unique blend. Continue reading……

3️⃣ A New AI Research from China Introduces RecycleGPT: A Generative Language Model with a Fast Decoding Speed of 1.4x by Recycling Pre-Generated Model States without Running the Whole Model in Multiple Steps [Paper] [Blog]

A new study by the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi and Tsinghua University investigates efficient decoding techniques to maximize token generation while keeping the memory processing budget constant. To achieve rapid decoding, they introduce a new language model architecture called RecycleGPT, which can reuse previously created model states.

Their strategy involves tweaking the original language model by incorporating a new recyclable module that predicts the next few tokens based on previously generated states without repeatedly running the complete model. The recyclable module is built from several transformer-based layers, which together allow for better representations to be made when making predictions. RecycleGPT can be combined with the conventional decoding technique in several different ways for usage during inference. This study employs them cyclically (i.e., producing every two tokens involves running the whole model once), leaving the investigation of other ways for future research. The purpose of the recyclable module was to speed up the decoding process, and it was able to do this because, despite its simplistic architecture, the module could efficiently represent contextual information and generate correct predictions. Continue reading……

4️⃣ Google Unveils Project IDX: Revolutionizing Multi-platform App Development with AI-Powered Browser-Based Innovation [Project] [Blog]

In the rapidly evolving landscape of application development, where the journey from conceptualizing an app to successfully launching it across mobile, web, and desktop platforms is an intricate endeavor, Google has embarked on a visionary mission to redefine the norms. Recognizing developers’ formidable challenges in orchestrating a seamless tech stack for tasks ranging from bootstrapping and compiling to testing, deploying, and monitoring apps, Google’s pioneering researchers have unveiled an innovative experiment known as Project IDX.

At its core, Project IDX represents a paradigm shift in how we approach development. It introduces a browser-based development experience powered by the robust infrastructure of Google Cloud and fueled by Codey, an AI model grounded in the foundation of PaLM 2. Continue reading……

5️⃣ OpenAI Introduces GPTBot: A Web Crawler Designed to Scrape Data from the Entire Internet Automatically [Project] [Blog]

OpenAI has responded to privacy and intellectual property concerns arising from data collection on public websites by introducing a new web crawler tool called GPTBot. This technology aims to gather public web data transparently and utilize it for training their AI models, all under the umbrella of OpenAI’s banner.

GPTBot’s user agent aims to amass data that will contribute to refining future AI models. During this process, GPTBot will omit sources that necessitate payment. However, it’s important to note that some collected data may inadvertently contain identifiable information or text, violating OpenAI’s policies. Continue reading……


🛎️ Trending Tools

Introducing ImagineMe, where captivating AI images of oneself come to life with just a single line of text. This innovative AI system allows anyone to create mesmerizing art of themselves by describing their imagination freely. Experience the ease, affordability, and pure magic of self-expression through art like never before, only on ImagineMe.

Using artificial intelligence, Otter.AI empowers users with real-time transcriptions of meeting notes that are shareable, searchable, accessible, and secure. Get a meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and generates summaries.

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Pecan AI automates predictive analytics to solve today’s business challenges: shrinking budgets, rising costs, and limited data science and AI resources. Pecan’s low-code predictive modeling platform provides AI-driven predictive analytics that guides data-driven decisions and helps business teams achieve their goals.

Quizgecko is an AI-powered online test and quiz maker, designed to cater to businesses, educators, and individual learners alike. With the ability to work in any language, it effortlessly transforms existing content into customizable assessments. From multiple choice to fill-in-the-blank questions, users can create, share, and embed quizzes with ease. Whether it’s for employee training, classroom teaching, or personalized learning, Quizgecko simplifies the process, saving time and enhancing engagement

Introducing Storybird.ai, the AI-powered platform for creating captivating stories. From children's books to company policies, unleash your creativity with ease.

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