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πŸš€ AI News: Trending AI Research + Trending AI Tools.. (Aug 1, 2023 Edition)

This newsletter brings AI research news that is much more technical than most resources but still digestible and applicable

πŸ”₯Β Trending AI Research: Let’s learn something new from the trending papers.

πŸ›ŽοΈ Trending Tools: Check out some cool AI tools picked up by our editorial team.

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πŸ”₯Trending AI Research

Rapid development in NeRF has led to many research papers being published but tracking the progress of this is difficult due to a lack of code consolidation. Many papers implement features in their own siloed repository which complicates the process of transferring features and research contributions across different implementations. To resolve this issue, researchers at Berkley present consolidated NeRF innovatives as Nerfstudios. The major goals of Nerfstudios are to consolidate various NeRF techniques into reusable, modular components and enable real-time visualization of NeRF scenes with a rich suite of controls. This will provide an easy-to-use workflow for creating NeRFs from user-captured data.

Researchers have been putting in efforts towards creating a general-purpose biomedical AI system. To facilitate the development of these generalist biomedical AI systems, a team of researchers from Google Research and Google DeepMind have introduced MultiMedBench, a unique benchmark made up of 14 different biomedical activities, to aid in the development of these biomedical AI systems. These activities cover a range of difficulties, including answering medical questions, analyzing dermatological and mammography images, creating and summarising radiology reports, and identifying genomic variations.

A new study by the Dalian University of Technology, China, and DAMO Academy, Alibaba Group, presents a system called HQTrack, which stands for High-Quality Tracking. It comprises a video multi-object segmenter (VMOS) and a mask refiner (MR) primarily. To perceive tiny objects in intricate setups, the researchers employ VMOS, an enhanced variation of DeAOT, and cascade a gated propagation module (GPM) at 1/8 scale. In addition, they use Intern-T as their feature extractor to improve the ability to distinguish between different types of objects. In VMOS, the researchers only keep the most recently used frame in the long-term memory, discarding the older ones to make room. However, applying a large segmentation model to improve the tracking masks could be useful. Objects with complicated structures are especially challenging for SAM to predict, and they appear frequently in the VOTS challenge.

Researchers from Switzerland introduced the cutting-edge concept of language model programming (LMP). By expanding the scope of language model prompting beyond simple text prompts, LMP provides a natural hybrid of the two methods. In addition, LMP lets you restrict the results the language model produces. This allows for a high level of abstraction in the language model, making it readily adaptable to various activities. Researchers implement LMQL (for Language Model Query Language) to allow for LMP. LMQL uses the constraints and control flow from an LMP prompt to generate an efficient inference technique that reduces the number of costly calls to the underlying language model. They demonstrate the ease with which LMQL may capture a variety of state-of-the-art prompting mechanisms, notably those that facilitate interactive flows that are difficult to implement with preexisting high-level APIs. The examination demonstrates that they maintain or improve accuracy on various downstream activities while drastically reducing computation time or financial outlay (in the case of pay-to-use APIs).

πŸ›ŽοΈ Trending Tools

Castmagic:Β Witness the astounding power of Castmagic as it effortlessly transforms audio into captivating content, just like a spellbinding act of magic! Simply upload your MP3, and behold as it conjures up all your post-production content in a flash. Download the enchantment, and watch your audio come to life in a whole new way!

Notion AI, an all-inclusive productivity suite, has elevated its performance by incorporating AI functionalities aimed at enhancing the efficiency and significance of note-taking. As an interconnected assistant, Notion AI can convert text, automate operations, and create new content within your workspace.

AdCreative AI can generate conversion-focused ad creatives and social media post creatives in a matter of seconds using Artificial Intelligence

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