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🚀 AI News: CoDeF + EasyEdit + Art and Identity + SQLCoder....(Aug 22, 2023 Edition)

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🔥Trending AI Research

1️⃣ Meet CoDeF: An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Model that Allows You to do Realistic Video Style Editing, Segmentation-Based Tracking and Video Super-Resolution [Paper] [Blog]

The paper introduces CoDeF, a new video representation model that consists of a canonical content field and a temporal deformation field. These fields are optimized to reconstruct target videos. CoDeF enables easy adaptation of image algorithms for video processing, including video-to-video translation and keypoint tracking, without additional training. It offers improved cross-frame consistency and can even track non-rigid objects like water and smog.

2️⃣ Meet EasyEdit: An Easy-to-Use Knowledge Editing AI Framework for LLMs [Blog] [Paper]

This paper introduces EasyEdit, a versatile framework designed to address the limitations of Large Language Models (LLMs) like knowledge cutoff and factual inaccuracies. EasyEdit offers a standardized, easy-to-use platform for implementing various knowledge editing techniques on popular LLMs such as T5, GPT-J, and LlaMA. The framework shows superior results in terms of reliability and generalization compared to traditional fine-tuning methods, as demonstrated through experiments on the LlaMA-2 model.

3️⃣ Art and Identity: The Profound Link Between Self-Relevance and Aesthetic Appeal Unveiled by AI [Paper] [Blog]

The study explores the influence of self-relevance on the aesthetic appeal of artworks. Two experiments involving adult participants showed that artworks rated as self-relevant were also rated as more aesthetically appealing. The study even used deep neural networks to create synthetic artworks based on participants' personal attributes, which were similarly rated as aesthetically appealing. The findings suggest that self-relevance is a significant factor in determining an artwork's aesthetic value, apart from artistic skill and visual features.

4️⃣ Meet SQLCoder: An New Open-Sourced and State of the Art Model for Converting Natural Language Questions to SQL Queries [Blog] [Github Link]

Defog SQLCoder is an open source and a state-of-the-art LLM for converting natural language questions to SQL queries. SQLCoder is a 15B parameter LLM, and a fine-tuned implementation of StarCoder. SQLCoder significantly outperforms all major open-source models and slightly outperforms. SQLCoder has been fine-tuned on hand-crafted SQL queries in increasing orders of difficulty. When fine-tuned on an individual database schema, it matches or outperforms GPT-4 performance.

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🛎️ 11 Game-Changing AI Tools For SoloPreneurs

  • MeetGeek: Your personal AI Meeting Assistant! With Meetgeek, you can automatically record, transcribe, and summarize every conversation, capturing all the key insights you need.

  • Notion AI: Notion AI is a robust generative AI tool that assists users with tasks like note summarization, identifying action items in meetings, and creating and modifying text.

  • Adcreative AI: Boost your advertising and social media game with AdCreative.ai - the ultimate Artificial Intelligence solution.

  • Hostinger AI Website Builder: The Hostinger AI Website Builder offers an intuitive interface combined with advanced AI capabilities, designed for crafting websites for any purpose.

  • Taplio: Transform your LinkedIn presence with Taplio's AI-powered platform.

  • Recall: Explore a fascinating tool that lets you recall, summarize, categorize, and link various online content like Podcasts, PDFs, YouTube Videos, News Articles, and Blog posts.

  • Guidde: The enchanting AI that crafts captivating training material, SOPs, onboarding docs, FAQs, and handy how-to guides effortlessly

  • Beautiful AI: With this tool the magic of generative AI meets captivating presentation software designed for the modern workplace.

  • BuildBetter: Discover BuildBetter, an AI-powered product assistant that turbocharges your decision-making process, achieving results 5x faster.

  • InboxPro: Boost your Gmail productivity with AI and powerful automation tools

  • Notably: Unlock the secrets hidden in customer data effortlessly. Unveil captivating insights derived from engaging user interviews, intuitive usability tests, dynamic focus groups

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